Getting to Greece

This summer I am lucky enough to spend three weeks in Naxos, Greece. Here, my internship is to assist in research on the Aegean Wall Lizard. There are six students here with my professor as well as another professor and two students from another university. Today is my first day in Naxos. I left on Wednesday, May 3rd from Chicago and after two long flights arrived in Athens, Greece on May 4th. This morning I took a ferry to the island and made it to my home of the next three months.

Traveling the furtherest from home as I have ever been, I thought I had a good picture of the time and distance it would take to get to Greece in my head. I was wrong. While I slept many times during my travels, I am exhausted from traveling. After arriving early this afternoon, Johannes, my professor and mentor, took us to lunch and walked us around the island. I am excited to get some rest and then start in the field tomorrow.

This opportunity is going to give me a real idea of what it is like to conduct research and be in the field. Working along side graduate students will also guide me in direction to where I would like to go after undergraduate schooling. I really like all the people I am here with and am excited to get to know them further and grow as a team.

I can not wait for Greece to feel like home and to take advantage of this opportunity everyday!

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  • May 11, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    Can’t wait to hear more about your research!


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