Work Culture

After my first week at AthletesFirst I have already learned so much. I have gotten to see how business is conducted first hand in this area of business. My biggest challenge of the week was gaining access into the world of my co-workers. Being new to the office, there are still many things that I do not know about my work and many things that I am getting used to in the office. I want to take next week as an opportunity to really get to know who  am working with and tap into them and use the resources that they have to offer. In the office that I am working in, it is very important to learn quickly and adjust on the fly. I need to work on asking for help on projects so that I am more efficient and that will help me be more productive. Overall, with one week in the books, I really love what I am doing and think that this is an opportunity that will benefit me in a big way in the future. Also, this information will be vital to me if I am able to get an offer from a different company as well.

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