First Day as a Senate Intern | Blog #1

Today was my first day as an intern in the office of Senator Patty Murray. I was drawn to this internship because my exposure to government has been limited to my campaign work and I wanted to gain insight into what an administration looked like and how it functioned. I want to work in DC after I graduate from U of M so I’m taking this internship as a learning opportunity to see how a legislative office works and what the roles of staff members are. I am also a huge supporter of Senator Murray as she is an incredible advocate and legislator and she is the highest ranking woman in the Senate so I’m excited to be part of her efforts to fight for what is right.

Today I met the other interns and the staffers working in Senator Murray’s office and I was briefly given an introduction into what I’ll be doing day to day. My main duties as a legislative intern include answering constituent phone calls and voicemails, conducting tours of the Capitol building, assisting in the administrative functions of the office, attending Committee Hearings and Staff Briefings, and working with legislative and communications staff on letters, bills, research, and memos. So far the biggest challenge for me is navigating the underground tunnels that connect the three Senate buildings and the Capitol building. It is incredibly confusing and I’m sure I’m going to get lost several times before I finally start to understand the layout.

Under Senate rules it is prohibited to photograph or share photo ID badges, which is great for me because I took an absolutely horrendous photo. Since I don’t have any photos from my first day, I’m including a photo of one of the carriages that runs between the Senate buildings and the Capitol building. I had a great first day and I can’t wait to see what the rest of my internship is like.

Carriage that runs between the Russell Senate building and the Capitol building




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