Goals for Urban Institute Internship | #1

As I look forward to starting my internship at the Urban Institute this June, I have begun thinking about what I want to accomplish at the internship as well as what I hope to get out of it. My primary goal for what to accomplish is to write a research paper on some sort of public policy issue related to international development. I wanted to do this internship in order to explore my interest into public policy research in international development. As a result, conducting the research and then writing an actual policy paper would be the best way to simulate what work would be like in this career. Further, it would teach me great skills, such as data analysis, and leave me with a tangible product to show future employers at the end of my internship.

In terms of what I want to get out of the internship, my primary goal is to learn more about the field of public policy research in order to determine if this field is right for me. I don’t think it is truly possible to know what you want to do with your career until you experience it firsthand, so this internship is a very important step in planning my future. Learning if I want to do public policy research will help me to decide how to spend my remaining years at Michigan.

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