#1- Goals for My Internship, prior to starting

After I graduate, my dream is to work in the entertainment industry on the marketing and advertising side. While I’ve learned a lot about the entertainment industry along with how the world of marketing and advertising work in class, I feel as though gaining experience in the field is where you learn the most valuable information. My internship this summer is with Cornerstone Agency, an advertisement company who is a sister company to The FADER, a music publication. It is a perfect place for me to learn and observe.

As I get closer to the start of my internship May 15, I have begun to really think about the goals I plan to accomplish this summer and what I want to get out of my experience. One of my goals is to make sure that I am personable while making connections and relationships but also show that I am adaptable, eager to learn and willing to do anything asked of me. My primary goal is to learn as much about the industry as possible in order to determine if this field really is the right fit for me. I want to develop myself in this industry and see what departments I enjoy and see myself in. Gaining new skills with technologies, learning new methods, and meeting new people are all things I anticipate will be included in my experience. I want to be able to add to my resume tangible skills and knowledge that I can use to advertise myself to future employees by the end of my internship.

By the end of the summer, I will have a clearer vision of what I want to do for my future and if this industry is right for me.

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