#1 – Pre-packing hopes

This summer I will be interning at a startup formed in February based in Bangalore, India. I initially found out about this opportunity through an email from the LSA Opportunity Hub. There was not much details in the short description provided, but it really intrigued me. Their vision is based on the future of mobility – electric, shared, connected and powered by renewable energy. As someone with an interest in green technology, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to develop a foundational understanding of businesses, apply my passion of economics and technology in real life alongside making a positive impact on society.

I will be working on my own individual project on the development of an urban e-mobility solution. This is what excites me most – having an internship with responsibilities would be a great learning curve and I hope it develops me as an individual and my leadership skills. As someone intending to major in Business/Economics and Computer Science, my tasks cover all these 3 subject areas, and will give me exposure of the field I would be working in after graduation. I hope it will solidify my decision to major in these areas, through a more informed decision on where it would lead my future.

Being conducted in India, I am expecting there to be a different work culture, work ethic, and way of leading projects. I would be able to explore the Indian work culture and gain a better understanding on how leadership skills can be transferred between different types of projects. This would allow me to both develop my skills and also gain a deeper understanding on how to employ leadership skills effectively in a global context. Especially in the technology hub of the country, this experience will provide a valuable and unique insight into the electric vehicle market in a developing country. In an organization that will scale up alongside the emerging economy, I look forward to learning how leaders adapt to an evolving economic climate, in order to have the most impact and be successful.

Having lived in Mumbai for two years, I was so happy to find an opportunity so close to a second home, so that I can visit my friends and family after years. Over the internship, I can have authentic, specific Indian food; I can eat my favorite dishes from the roadside vendors, just like in my childhood. It will also be a great opportunity to sightsee nearby places and travel to new places in India. As I start packing, I am increasingly more excited to be immersed in India as an adult, and apply my interests in real life.

Vinita C

As a Business major with minors in Economics and Computer Science, I'm fascinated with how the technology-business world works and what makes one tech company more successful than another.

2 thoughts on “#1 – Pre-packing hopes

  • May 10, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    Sounds like an exciting and challenging experience! I hope you’re able to immerse your interests in your internship!

  • May 25, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    This sounds like an amazing experience – Looking forward to learning more!


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