Anticipating the Internship | #1

In 14 days, I will be fully integrating into Thai society and Thai work culture. My internship this summer will be in Bangkok, Thailand working at the Central Chest Institute of Thailand under a doctor who is head of the Nutrition department. To begin, I chose to go to Thailand because I know nothing about Thai culture and working abroad. I know that this experience will be a great challenge for me to learn not only about culture, but also how to become acclimated and understand a different work environments than I am used too. I will also be living with a host family and will need to get acquainted with Thai traditions and etiquette. I am looking forward to this great adventure, but I am also nervous about what I am going to face.

For my internship, I have many goals that I hope to accomplish while I am there. Firstly, I am very interested in understanding the Thai health care system and making comparisons and drawing parallels to other health care systems. In addition, I want to be profession and gain skills when it comes to working directly with a doctor. I will observe how the doctors plays a role in the hospital and learn form this experience. Specifically, my internship will be focused on the nutrition side of health care, and I hope to learn about the relationship between nutrition and pulmonary diseases and other implications of nutrition.

In regards to being in Thailand, I want to experience and learn as much as the culture as possible. I want to learn as much Thai as I can, but I know this will be a challenge I will face because not everyone in the hospital will speak Thai. I will need to learn ways to overcome the language barrier. I also want to learn more about Buddhism and its presence in Thailand and improve my meditation practices.

Overall, I am very excited to undertake this experience. I am currently packing and eager to be there!

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