First week as a sales intern #1

This was my first complete week as a sales intern with the Rockland Boulders, a minor league baseball team in New York. I wanted to be part of this internship program because it allowed me my first step into the sports world. This industry is very tight-knit so I have been told many times how vital it is to squeeze your way in early on in your career. I was also interested in this internship because it is such a contrast from what I did last summer. Last summer I worked as a marketing intern at CBS. There I was in a corporate office and everything with very professional. Working in the sports world is different. While it is still professional, its a different type of professional, for example dress is business casual not business professional. Last year there were also a lot of women were I worked, being in the sports industry is a different situation. Men out number women plenty. In my department, for example, I am the only female intern amongst 13 male interns.

In the first couple of days at work I made over hundred phone calls. These phone calls were in regards to informing members of the Kids Club that they can have their children’s birthdays at the stadium. It was interesting to do this because I never thought about the people on the other end of the phone who makes these calls. I use to have issues talking on phones so at first I was very nervous about this. However, the calls went a lot smoother then ever anticipated. To show me what to do on these calls I sat with a Spring Intern. When I made my first number of calls he allowed me to use his script and when I finished a call he would give me pointers. His biggest hint of advice was that it gets easier with time. This is the only work I have really done so far but next week one of the supervisors informed me how I will be working on a new project, preparing the stadium for Reading Day. This is a project that the team seems very passionate about. For this project the boulders partner with 40 local schools to encourage students read. Students report how many hours they read for and based off of the hours logged they win different prizes from the Boulders.

A goal I hope to accomplish by the end of this internship is having someone I called call back and request to talk to me about something I brought up to them. This is a goal of mine because it means I was doing my work well. It means I gave a good enough sales pitch and actually influenced someone. Out of this internship I hope to gain experience and community. I want to have enough of an impact on the Rockland Boulders Sales team that they remember me and are willing to help me in the future if I ever need it.

First impressions are important so its a good thing the Rockland Boulders had a good one. The team is friendly and willing to answer and help me with any questions I have. And the work allows me to go beyond my comfort zone and practice new skills.  

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