Getting Started

After having already been in Rome for a week I finally got started with my internship on May 4th. I am working with a company based out of Italy called Karaoke One, which offers karaoke services through an application that they have created to resemble a new type of social networking based solely around music lovers throughout the world. Within just the first few days I have been enlightened in many different ways of how businesses work and interact on an international level. Anyways I will stop my rambling and get to the actual prompt now. In terms of what I plan to accomplish during my time here I hope to make some sort of positive impact in terms of business operations that the company may not be fully aware of. Most of the employees of this start-up have backgrounds in technology and coding and as a result could use an extra opinion into the financial planning for the company. My supervisor has already told me that they plan on discussing these plans with me so that I can provide my input. Hopefully I can give them a different perspective given my business background in comparison to their technological expertise. Moving on now, to say that I plan to gain just one thing from this experience is crazy because I have already learned so much. The one thing that sticks out the most for me, however, is gaining the ability to integrate myself into a foreign workplace and be able to work in multiple ways. If I can understand how people work in different places around the world that will certainly give me an advantage when interacting and working with people from international workplaces.

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