Goals for my Internship

As I arrived in Rome for the first time, I realized that Italy is vastly different than the United States I am used to. It is a totally different culture and way of living than I was used to, but that was not necessarily a bad thing. It gave me a new perspective on things. A new way of living and working I had not thought of before. So my first goal that I hope to accomplish is to just observe. I want to pay close attention to how the office I am in operates, how coworkers interact, and how Italians work in general. Overall, Italians are more laid back and relaxed than Americans, so the work space reflects that. Especially because I work in a modern and casual tech office space. People ride up and down hallways on scooters and there are colorful lounges where you can sit down for coffee and lunch. My first day I was given a relatively simple task so it was easy to look around and observe what everyone else was doing.

Another goal of mine is to take initiative. I want to complete all the tasks my supervisor asks of me early and then go above and beyond to improve what I have done or start another task on my own. This will show my boss that although I am just an intern, I do not need a babysitter to watch over me and tell me exactly what to do. In other words it shows I am a hard working and independent employee, which are some good traits to have if you ask me. I believe that these two goals will help me a lot in the first couple days, and I am excited to see how my internship experience turns out.


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