Beginning My Internship

As I have started at my internship there are a lot of things that have been challenging and educational. One challenge I faced was interpreting the request of another person. When someone asks me to do something, they may not be very detailed and that leads to confusion. I have to be able to think on the fly and not be afraid to ask questions. I do not think that this skill will be hard to work on. The employees are very friendly and very open to help me with anything i need. The information that I am going to obtain through working here will be incredibly valuable as I continue to pursue this profession. I believe that if  am able to take what I learn from each of these people, then I will be able to return here for another internship throughout the summer and possibly advance into a real job. If i am not able to accomplish those goals at this company then i will be able to take my new information of this industry and use it at other companies that give me an opportunity. By the end of all of this work, I am going to be a completely new person and I cannot wait.

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