Goals of my summer internship #1

This summer I hope to leave a strong, long lasting impression on my supervisors, as well as gain experience in the marketing/public relations industry in order to further establish my likes and dislikes in this particular field. Throughout my internship, I am hoping to tackle each task with enthusiasm and a positive attitude so I can eventually figure out where my passions lie within this field. I am looking to specifically establish my likes and dislikes within the public relations/marketing field in order to identify what exactly I can see myself doing when I graduate from the University of Michigan. I hope to gain knowledge not only about how this industry works, but about myself and what I am particularly skillful in, or not in. I will take pride in my work and meet with my supervisor weekly to hear feedback about how I am doing as an intern, as well as ask questions and remain intuitive about my daily tasks. I will network regularly on the job in order to establish myself within the firm as well as expand my social arena. I am extremely excited for the start of my internship and can not wait to expand my networking skills, complete daily tasks with pride, and hopefully specify and establish my particular likes and dislikes in the marketing/public relations field!

One thought on “Goals of my summer internship #1

  • May 11, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    Hey Alexa! Your internship sounds like it will give you a good idea of the public relations/marketing field. Where are you spending your summer and more specifically what will you be doing?
    -Cant wait to hear,


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