Blog 1: Goals

A goal I hope to accomplish during my summer at Salesforce is to be granted the opportunity to either create my own event from start to finish, or host my own as I did last summer.  My position under the field marketing manager has me creating invite lists, sending invites, finding venues and helping with other details that go into the success of a client event.  The importance in giving clients a unique experience lies in Salesforce’s commitment to customer relationship management software and this is seen in the relationships they build with their own customers.  Last summer I had the chance to host my own event while my boss was out of town and unable to attend.  While it was in a familiar place, at Wrigley Field for a Cubs game, it was a great opportunity to speak with customers as they arrived and to have the responsibility of making sure everything ran smoothly.  This summer, I hope to have the same experience.  Beyond that, I hope to have the chance to create the event from start to finish.  While third party event planners are generally used to find the venues, I would then be creating the campaign page the company uses to account for invitees and other event details.  I would be managing the invite list and confirming the rest of the details of the event, including timing, seating if necessary, and food.  This would be an amazing opportunity to learn how to create a successful event and to see my boss’s role even more up close.

Another goal I have is to gain a deeper understanding of Salesforce and its software.  While I use their software in my own work, I hope to further understand its functions beyond my ability.  I also hope to gain deeper knowledge of the products outside of the marketing cloud and the possible positions I may be interested in pursuing within or outside the marketing cloud.  Overall, I hope to further my knowledge of the company and strengthen my relationships with employees I not only work closely with, but come to know through informational interviews.

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