Post #1, Day 3

So far, this internship has been, in every way, beyond what I imagined. Beginning on Tuesday, I started writing House Notes and Critic Recommendations, which will be read aloud in our party`s legislative caucus next week. The amount of direct impact I`ve been able to have on the success of this office has been amazing, and I am excited to continue to develop a campaign around my MP`s bill, and hopefully get it to pass. We`ve been sidetracked quite a bit between the flooding in Ottawa, my MP giving birth, and my Parliamentary Assistant getting married next week, but it has become readily apparent to me that the intent of this PMB campaign is not to simply make a statement. Rather, it is to make a significant change to the Canadian Labour Code that will improve the lives of women in the workforce.

After hours, the work gets even better. Receptions held by various MPs, Senators, Cabinet Members and NGOs are all over town, and provide kids like me an amazing opportunity to get to know those at the forefront of Canadian politics on a personal level. For example, after my first day, I toured the Senate with the Press Secretary of the RCAF, met with the Canadian Dental Assocation, and listened to live music while getting to know various MPs and music producers at the Canadian Music Producer`s Association Reception. The days are long and there`s a lot of work to be done, but I couldn`t be happier with my experience.

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