A New Environment

When I think of the phrase “work culture” I imagine so much more than just finishing yours tasks. It involves so much more in regards to communication and relationships that complete the entire experience. So far during my time in Rome the second part of this work culture has been much more emphasized than what it is in the United States. The co-workers in Rome truly develop relationships with one another and really enjoy their time together. They come into work together, socialize throughout the day, and usually end the day by going somewhere to grab something to eat or drink. This is a completely different culture than what I have been exposed to with the mentality on coming into work to get your tasks completed and then leaving in the United States. Also in regards to tasks, the Italians are much more laid back than people in the United States on deadlines and timelines. They take many breaks throughout the day and stay fresh. Though they are not extremely strict on timeliness, especially in comparison to the US, they do take offense if they feel you are deliberately being late. Their work environment is very similar to what companies like Google and Apple have created as it is very open, very light, and very relaxed. Many accommodations are offered to make you as successful as possible. Therefore, I have really enjoyed my time here so far. It is a distinct contrast to my working experience in the US and it has been really beneficial for me. I feel as though in this type of environment that I am at my most productive and that I do my best work. It has now made me reconsider my future plans in terms of employment as well. Previously I did not put a lot of emphasis on the work culture of a company when considering certain jobs, but after my experience in Rome that will definitely be something I strongly consider when making career decisions in the future.

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