Expectations for My Internship | #1

On Monday, I had my first day as an intern with the Illinois Senate Democrats. While there, I began to think about the opportunities and challenges that I expect from my internship. I think the main opportunity this internship affords me is a first step into the realm of politics. I did volunteer for a presidential campaign in the last election cycle, but I have no experience working inside a political party or, for that matter, any other political organization. So, this internship will help me decide if I want to pursue a career in politics. One aspect of this internship that I think is especially helpful in this respect is how it will involve me in many different types of political work. As an intern, I will be working on projects that involve research, communications, fundraising, and day to day operations. I will be able to see which type of political work, if any, is for me.


I also think my internship will have its fair share of challenges. A lot of the things I will be asked to do, I’m sure, will be entirely new to me. But these challenges will also be opportunities. Specifically, they will be opportunities for learning. Not only will I learn about a potential career in politics, but I will also learn useful knowledge and skills for political and non-political work alike. Each project I work on will give me a different experience that will build my knowledge base and my skills. In short, I think my internship will be a great learning opportunity.

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