What Just Happened… | #1

The first day on the job was spent goal-setting and dreaming, imagining where I see myself after this internship, after graduation, and 5 years down the line. My supervisors, Kara and Bryan, are two of the most genuine, supportive individuals. They not only wanted to hear my goals with respect to their company and this specific internship but also for the whole of my personal and professional life. Overall, it was a relaxed few hours spent conversing over coffee. We established my responsibilities and they plotted how to best support me and help me achieve my own aspirations.

Then, Day 2 struck. It began by me being wrangled into their tiny Nissan Versa to take an adventure to the Ann Arbor Parks & Rec building. Kara and Bryan had been hoping to host an event at a park in Ann Arbor and needed park reservation approval. They had been waiting patiently for 2+ months with no reply, so we paid a surprise visit to the office. We learned that they had already been approved and only needed to pay some fees in order to move forward. And this is when I realized just how horrible bureaucracy can be. They had been calling and emailing for weeks to check in on the status of their application. Apparently sometimes you have to be proactive and approach the system in person in order to get actions in place.

The rest of the day was spent decision making. Do we have enough time to organize this event? Will we have enough teachers and vendors? Can we market heavily enough to sell enough tickets in order to break even? Yes. We think we can. And so we went full force into marketing. That day I sent over 50 personalized emails to possible teachers, vendors, and influencers for the event as well as wrote a detailed and catchy description of the event for the ticket sale website, created a Facebook event, and posted on 6 different social media accounts/platforms. I also slept really, really well that night.

Much more has happened since then, but I’ll save that for the next post!

P.S. The event is a yoga festival with color powder, so enjoy these pictures of Kara, Bryan, and I blasting each other with powder. This is how we spent a casual work afternoon. Yes, this is my job. Yes, it is really odd… and oh how I love it.

^ My incredible bosses

^ My satisfaction after color-blasting one of my bosses

^ Me after they finally got revenge… I think they might have beat me this time

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