Blog Post #1 – The Beginning

I am working at a Solar startup in Singapore called Cleantech Solar. Through this internship, I will pursue my life goal, making a positive sustainable difference in the world. On my first couple of days I learned how to do research on a client’s sites and from there extract a lot of valuable data. I calculated the amount of solar power their roofs could generate and created financial models to calculate whether the investment was a valuable option for my company and my client. I also learned how valuable communication was. All the intricate calculations that I did would go to waste if the pitches, slide decks, and other documents I wrote did not convey my information in a clear and concise manner. Since it is a startup, I have been given a lot of responsibilities and be able to see the impact of my work.

Apart from the responsibilities that I am getting, I feel that the stakes for finding clean energy sources are extremely high in Asia, so my work will mean the most impact here. Apart from the pollution statistics, I know this because of personal experience. On many family trips, I learned that pollution was a struggle that hurt millions of people. The experiences pushed me to work with a firm specializing in helping Asian companies go solar.

Here’s a picture of the office!

One thought on “Blog Post #1 – The Beginning

  • May 20, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    This seems like an exciting and interesting opportunity! It’s great to see that you already have a clear vision of what you want to do in the future and are taking steps to achieve that goal. I hope to hear more about your internship and how you’re making a positive impact on a global scale!


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