Blog Post #1

My internship begins on May 16th and I am pretty excited to see what this marketing internship entails. First and foremost, I would like to gain as much exposure as possible to all the different fields involved in the agency. I am most interested in marketing, however, the agency I’m working for also focuses on communications and public relations. I am entering my junior year and I’m still not sure exactly which field I want to go into after graduation, so I want to learn about as many fields and responsibilities as possible this summer. I also want to leave with tangible accomplishments, so that way I can feel that I really made a difference during my internship and that I can succeed in a related career. Some of my accomplishments may involve using my graphic design skills as a way to market and advertise products and events, because I already make money off of my graphic designs on Redbubble but I have not yet applied them to marketing or advertising. I will also be reaching out to companies to try to sell our services to them, mostly via email, so I would love to expand the agency’s customer base and be accomplished in that sense as well.

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