Opportunities and Challenges #1

My internship this summer will have many opportunities and challenges. One of the advantages to working at a smaller firm is the ability to interact with most of the firm, especially the senior members. I receive a lot of individual attention that has been a great learning experience. Many of the senior members have decades of industry experience and work on major projects, so it is neat to be able to work with these people as an intern with no experience.

However, it is a little bit stressful sometimes, because it is also easy for the employees to see if I’ve messed up. I consider this a challenge of being the only intern at the firm this summer because I don’t have another person to learn with. So while I do feel pressured to do well, the overall environment of the firm has been very welcoming and understanding.

Another challenge is just being on a steep learning curve at the beginning. Almost everything I’m learning is new to me, and I’m having to pick up everything quickly. But, some of the skills I am learning in finance and Excel will be invaluable to any job I’m in, so I’m excited for what’s to come.