What I Do and Why I Chose It | #1

Describe your internship and what drew you to this opportunity.

First and foremost, I am super proud and happy to say that I am currently interning at a skincare cosmetic startup/company called TULA in NYC. From a day to day standpoint, I work with the e-commerce team that is made up of only three people (it is a small company). E-commerce is different from our partnering marketing team in that we handle the issues of “marketing” after the marketing team has brought traffic to TULA’s website. We deal with online customers, customer experiences on the web, various formats, working referrals, and links.  Generally, we work to improve and facilitate each customer’s shopping experience online.

Right now, I have two titles as an “e-commerce intern” and the “assistant manager to the blog”. For these two positions, I’ve worked with our customer service manager to strategize and pitch ideas for a program we call “surprise and delights” (basically, structured giveaways). I’ve also cleaned up the current blog (grammar-check, revising content, formatting photos, etc.), written and uploaded a few posts of my own work, research and create a Blog Guide for the team, and so on. It’s been two weeks in so far, and my excitement still continues, motivating me to work every day. A few takeaways so far is gained knowledge on HTML coding (I’ve learned that on my own while working here) and that start-ups or smaller companies offer a much more enjoyable and learning experience.

Though I was fortunate to come across this internship opportunity through a job search online, it was still part of my plan to work for a start-up or small company since my prior experience last summer. I’ve always been interested in the cosmetic industry and have, thus, worked for a large corporation in Seoul, South Korea called LG Household and Healthcare (summer 2016). This corporation manages many skincare brands such as the History of Whoo, Su:m37, and, the more well-known one in the US, The Face Shop. However, working at such a large corporation meant less opportunities to get my hands on real work. My day would consist of merely photo-copying, stamping, or delivering papers. They were truly un-meaningful tasks that did not provide real-world experiences. Therefore, I’ve made up my mind to try experiencing the other end of the spectrum in terms of business size– and it worked!!!

What drew me most to my current internship is its small size. This opportunity allows me to have real-world experiences and be part of a community that not only works with each other but considers each other as family. TULA’s team is so friendly, vibrant, welcoming, and tight. It is a brand that is truly driven by few employees who’ve come together to work for something they absolutely love. Everyone is seriously passionate and motivated, enlightening me and persuading me to consider continuing down a path of small companies and start-ups. I love the aura it give off as well as its business mentality. Every voice matters and every decision is thought out thoroughly. Nothing isn’t overruled by one “big head” like a large corporation, but rather maintains as a collective effort to make a positive difference in the world, and I love that!


This amazing experience wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the LSA opportunity hub. I’ve honestly never been HAPPIER. Everyday is a blessing and LSA has truly helped my dreams come true in working here, in NYC, doing what I love the most. Thank you for putting a smile on my face everyday this summer!

This official website: tula.com (Check it out!)
Blog Guide that I made for best practices.

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  • May 16, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    How impressive that you have taught yourself HTML! Way to go. It sounds like this experience is such a positive experience for you and I can’t wait to read more!


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