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As I begin my internship, the biggest goal of mine is definitely to improve as a journalist, which means, in my opinion, learning to balance objectivity with a pointed and opinionated analysis. I suppose this is really a matter of practice and reflection. Also, though, I’d like to leave a strong impression with my coworkers and the organization, as a whole. I think this is more easily achieved by being outgoing and dedicated at work. Also, perhaps, by joining in with off-work activities.

In terms of the experience of working in Cambodia, I’d like to learn a lot about Cambodian history and culture. This has proven to be a bit difficult in Phnom Penh, where it’s so easy to isolate oneself in the expat circles of the city. I’d like to pick up some of the language too, which I’ve done to an extent, but there seem to be few opportunities to really practice, especially as I’m not taking classes or getting tutored at all in it. Maybe I ought to seek out a tutor.

Nonetheless, certainly one of the things I like most about working abroad, or just being abroad, is that nearly everyday feels meaningful as it’s just about impossible not to struggle and learn something on a day-to-day basis.

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