First Week with Barwis Methods | #1

I was extremely excited to begin my business development internship at Barwis Methods this past Monday. When I arrived at the training facility in Plymouth, MI, I was mesmerized by the amount of professional and college athletes (including some University of Michigan football players) that train there and by the family atmosphere that the Barwis Methods staff is able to create by really connecting to their clients.

During my first week, my first three tasks were to help create a document to better identify the supplement needs of our athletes, create a document so that all of the trainers knew when their injury recover patients would be featured on “Miracle Monday”, and to help construct a personal gym at Brandon Graham’s house of the Philadelphia Eagles.

During the completion of these tasks, Connor Rice, my boss and CFO of Barwis Methods, explained to me the process of ordering and selling athletic equipment and supplements to athletes. In addition, he explained how he charges clients for different types of training and what packages are available to them. I was also able to work with the difference types of technology Barwis Methods offers to their clients and personal use them of the athletes myself. One example would be the Halo Sport Headsets that the company uses. These headsets emulate electrical impulses that help the brain create stronger neuron pathways, increasing that quality of your workout. I am responsible for preparing these headsets and hooking them up to the athletes so that they are working. Sometimes you must spray water of the athlete’s head in order to make sure the impulses can be conducted to the brain.

However, the most memorable moment of my internship so far has been going to Brandon Graham’s house and helping construct his personal gym. Seeing the process of buying equipment, shipping it, and building it is really interesting to me. Considering I want to become and Industrial-Organization Psychologist, the actual experience of analyzing how a room should be organized to be more efficient is something I will use frequently in my future career. Going into my second week, I’m loving my internship at Barwis Methods as I will begin to become assigned more projects/tasks to complete.

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  • May 27, 2017 at 2:34 am

    Brendan, what an amazing start to your internship. So glad that you are able to not only have such a hands-on experience, but that you are able to see (in just the first week!) how this experience will help you in your future professional aspirations.


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