Expectations and Goals | #1

I have a lot of expectations for this internship. This being my first legitimate job I have both expectations and apprehensions. I have been able to deal with all of my apprehensions because they revolved around logistical issues such as “Where am I going to live?” and “How will I get to work in the morning?” These have been resolved and I can focus on what I want to achieve while at my internship.
As a rising sophomore in computer science, I do not believe that I can make a significant impact on the company using my hard skills (i.e. coding), therefore my goals revolve more around networking and leaving a good impression at the company. I have four main goals: firstly, I want to gain valuable work experience. This means that I want to understand what a professional workflow looks like and how people interact inside of a company as opposed to people working together on a group project at school. Secondly, I want to master the Java language that the company works in as I am unfamiliar with it. Finally, and most importantly, I will work to make sure that as many people in the company know who I am and have a positive opinion about me. This includes networking and making connections with individuals that I either connect best with or individuals that I think could yield the most productive collaboration with.

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