Blog 1: Summer Goals

I am a rising senior at the University of Michigan studying Communications and Digital Studies. My internship at The Glover Park Group this summer is my last one as an undergraduate student — making my experience that much more important. While I have worked in the field prior to this summer, I have not gained experience with a company such as this one.

Last summer, I interned at the Marriott International Corporate HQ doing sales and marketing. I will be switching from a large, corporate office to a smaller, more collaborative firm/environment. I hope that by working in a different environment will help me further my career path by making it more clear which way I might wish to continue. I know there are pros and cons to both, so it will be good to have first hand experience in both types of places.

I also hope to expand my network by setting up coffee chats and reaching out to employees of interest to me — both personally and professionally. I think that it is important to connect with these people for guidance and possible connections down the line. I plan to reach out to other departments in addition to my own to get a real feel of what office life there is.

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