Expectations and Goals |#1

I am a rising senior at University of Michigan, studying Economics and Mathematics. I am interning with Deloitte from June through August this summer and I have several expectations and goals from this internship. This will be my last internship as an undergraduate student, which sets a high bar for itself. I have yet to decide on what exactly I want to choose as a career and I expect this internship to make that choice a lot clearer. I wish to gain experience in Transfer Pricing to determine whether I wish to continue in this field or choose another field such as consulting. I have worked with Deloitte prior to this and enjoyed my experience in the advisory department. I am now gaining experience in Transfer Pricing and have a goal of networking with more people to consider my options of working with the company at a more global level.

Another goal I have is to learn what size of a company I prefer working for. Deloitte is a big multinational firm and I want to decipher whether this, or a smaller firm, suits me more. Since I have chosen to intern with them a second time, I want to network with more employees in other departments such as consulting to learn their true work-life balance and determine how that fits my life.

Finally, I wish to refine my interpersonal skills and advance my knowledge of R and STATA (statistical languages), as these skills will aid me in any line of work I am looking to pursue in the future.

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