First Week at Channel 4 | #1

Last week was my first week at WDIV Local 4. So far, I’ve already learned how to take phone tips, input tips into the organization’s server and contact a reporter about a source. I’ve also shadowed a producer, watched the live broadcast, written a few briefs for the website and went along with a photojournalist to a court hearing in the Channel 4 truck. I’ve been introduced to anchors, reporters, producers and managing editors, and have been able to see the start-to-finish of a news tip to produced TV segment.

WDIV was my first choice for this summer because it is an experience so different from my work as the Managing News Editor at the Michigan Daily. I mainly work with the print side of journalism at the Daily, with minimal exposure to the workings of the website, so I wanted further experience with an online publication as well as a live show with this internship. Along the lines of Randall Hansen, I hope to take initiative – although I’ve been doing journalism for a while, I can still be shy sometimes when speaking to sources and authority figures. My goals are to shadow as many people I can while at Channel 4 and write and get published online at least 10 times. This means that after I finish my assigned tasks, I am posing interest in other aspects of the assignment desk and looking to complete any projects that might give me a different sense of how broadcast journalism works. In terms of what I hope to gain, I hope to complete the summer with good sources, networking partners and references, as well as with a greater understanding of all facets of the WDIV news room. I also hope to apply my knowledge at the Daily to this job and eventually, vice versa.  I know my background with breaking news and longer stories can work to my advantage in doing a good job for this internship, and I know learning about precision and clarity will help improve my writing for the future. I am not sure if I want to end up in broadcast – I am still interested in print publications – but this is going to be a great experience, full of opportunities to try and experience.

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