Meaningful Meetings | #2

The past week at the Ecology Center has been marked by various meetings and travel that has been exciting as we continue to amplify our work in regional outreach for advocacy and action benefitting the health of our planet and its people.


I have spent time drafting public information about our work at the Climate March in Washington D.C. that took place on April 29th. The Ecology Center sponsored a bus trip to the capital, where people from our region vocalized their discontent with the current administration’s disregard for climate action. Among the attendees were families, college students, and indigenous activists. One of the greatest parts of the Ecology Center is their dedication to hearing from all voices, and ensuring that all voices are heard. By providing a platform by which members of our local communities could verbalize their struggles with various environmental issues–access to transit, healthy foods, clean air, safe water, etc–we allowed the issues to be pondered by people from elsewhere in the nation. It is in the collaboration regarding these challenges that allows solutions to be developed.


I observed the organization’s dedication to hearing from all voices in the recent professional meetings I was able to attend. I have been present at Core Team meetings with associates across the development team, Board Membership meetings with major donors and leaders of the organization, and cross-coalition meetings in around the region and in Detroit. Each of these meetings has allowed me to witness how professionals hear from a variety of opinions before making organizational choices. They have also given me regional mobility, and allowed me to learn about local venues and office spaces of which I was before unaware. 




Today travel to Detroit was marked by various meetings in the confirmation of plans for the upcoming Clean Air Luncheon we will host in the city. To prepare for the event, we met with leaders working in our Detroit office, and visited the venue to alter set-up and additional plans. Our work spans the region, and by integrating resources and concerns from across the locality, we are better equipped to create solutions. I look forward to continuing the partnership between Breathe Free Detroit and the Ecology Center, and to taking an active role in the development of this type of program work.

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  • May 16, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    Great second post! Were you surprised by anything that you learned/observed/experienced during the Climate March?


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