Goals for the Summer | #1

My name is Giovanna and I am a rising junior at U of M. In January I was accepted to be a medical intern with an organization called Mission of Hope Haiti (MOH). MOH is a Christian organization looking to bring life changing healing to Haiti, through education, access to health care, entrepreneurship, and Jesus. Having traveled to their organization and served for a week in high school, ever since leaving it has been my goal to travel back. And in 3 days I will accomplish that goal. On May 17th I will begin my internship. Randall S. Hansen’s article, Making the Most of Your Internship, motivated me to set goals to make the most of my internship. One of the key points was about setting regular meetings with my supervisor. I think this will be very important to remember. While I will be working closely with my supervisor, it is important to not limit our interactions to the regular working hours. I need to make times to meet with her to discuss what she is seeing from me, both good and bad, and where I need to be going. Having meetings with my supervisor will also allow them to understand specific things I am excited and curious about. Having had personal talks of this nature will allow me to have an edge if an opportunity arises. A goal for me would be to have at minimum, weekly meetings with my supervisor. A more personal goal I would like to accomplish is to discover what each medical specialty entails. I would like to find out what kind of training goes into each, what doctors love and hate most about their specialties and what their lifestyles are with the specialties that they have chosen. Having recently decided to pursue medicine, I have a very limited knowledge on what the process and lifestyle of being a doctor is. I am going to use this experience to ask as many questions as I can with the goal of being able to have a path and specialty that I think would suit me best.


Only three days out, and I am very excited to get started. I know this experience will shape more than just my professional outlook, but who I am as a person. At the present my job description of what I will be doing every day is vague. But I think that can be a good thing. This internship has abundant potential and I am excited for every part of it.



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