Learning from a Startup Experience | #1

The reason why I have decided to work at a startup company is to get diverse hands-on experience with young and passionate entrepreneurs. Usually, in a big corporate, the major role for interns is to assist their supervisors’ tasks under a structured managerial system. However, in a startup environment, it is one’s responsibility to find his or her own task. Because there is minimum level of hierarchy between members, even an intern like myself can lead a project if it seems to be meaningful to improve the product.

Simply saying, my goal during the internship at Buzzvil, which develops a mobile advertising platform, is to improve the product as much as I can from a marketing scope. The more I get involved and lead the projects, I will get more professional experience and the opportunity to work with my colleagues. Moreover, while working at an IT company, I have started to learn how to code. As a marketer at an IT company, we heavily rely on data and numbers when executing marketing plans. For example, a value of a user while staying in our service is defined under LTV (Lifetime Value). Therefore, we would either execute promotional activities or invest on paid channels such as Facebook Ads or Google Adwords to acquire users under their LTV. Every industry has its own way to calculate the customers’ lifetime value in order to avoid any financial loss from conducting marketing plans. However, these numbers are not given. We analyze so-called “big data” to understand the users’ behavior to find the most effective way to make them stay in our service to increase their LTV. The more the users’ LTV increases, the more the value of our platform increases. This is the most fundamental marketing knowledge that I have learned from my experience at an IT company.

Like this, my goal at a startup IT company is to learn as much as practical knowledge from marketing to technology. Fortunately, while pursuing this goal, I have learned more about the mobile advertising industry, IT, and my career to become a marketing expert after graduation.

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