Blog Post 1 | Opportunities and Challenges

While in DC for my summer internship, I hope to take Dr. Randall S. Hansen’s advice and to network as much as possible. Having been in this city previously, I am aware of how important it is to make connections as it is definitely a ‘who you know’ kind of place. Since I am entering into a new sector of politics, media and campaign analytics, I need to make connections that will help me gain insight into this developing field. There are few companies who do campaign analytics and even fewer who have been successful at it, thus finding a job in the field is difficult at this time. There are not specific education requirements since it is a new field and people are coming from all different backgrounds, so making those connections will be more beneficial than any specific degree.

Along with that, I hope to learn code processes such as ‘R’ through my internship. My supervisor has laid out a dynamic 14-week schedule in which I will be learning the fundamentals of coding. This knowledge will help me in the future as having experience in computer programming is definitely something that gives you the upper hand as technology develops.

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