Drawn to my internship #1

I am interning at Torrent Consulting in downtown Ann Arbor and I couldn’t be more excited! Torrent Consulting is a firm that focuses on providing technological consulting to both non-profit and for-profit businesses. This parallels with Torrent’s own emphasis on strengthening various communities and redefining the typical business relationship. I was drawn to this company because of their drive to create a positive impact on businesses who create positive impacts on communities. One of the company’s first clients, Enderly Coffee, operates in Charlotte, North Carolina where unemployment and poverty is high. Enderly Coffee provides 450 additional weekly hours of employment for underprivileged people in the Enderly Park neighborhood while donating a portion of profits right back into the neighborhood. Another one of the company’s first clients, Think BOLD Journey, provides orphans in Guatemala, one of the world’s poorest countries, with basic education, job training, and economic opportunities.

I have began my first days at Torrent and I am even more eager to begin with my task: Helping develop an application that revolves around Torrent’s customer life cycle. This opportunity will provide me with amazing work-force experience in application development and will better familiarize myself with and get practical experience with the programming language Java.

This summer experience will be a challenge for me but the reward of creating a community impact makes it worthwhile!


I am approaching my final year as a University of Michigan undergrad. I am currently interning at Torrent Consulting as an application developer. I major in informatics and hail from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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