First day at Sun Mobility

And when I mean “First day”, not only does that apply for myself and my fellow intern but is equally applicable to the rest of the company! Sun Mobility in Bangalore, India, has recently acquired the new office that they are now in the process of setting up and moving into. The core team has been extremely warm and welcoming, endeavouring to make our stay as comfortable as possible. We met with the founder of the company and the ensuing presentation, exploring the company’s vision outlined a paradigm shift in the way we think about electric vehicles (EV’s) as consumers. The aim of the company is to develop the infrastructure to eliminate the three main issues with current EV’s-

  1. Range anxiety
  2. Long recharge time
  3. High Cost

Thereby, they intend to make EV’s commercially and economically viable.

Their inception is as a result of the Indian government’s push to phase out petrol/diesel powered cars completely by 2022. This draws me to the company as my passion lies in sustainable energy and innovating technology solutions to the problems faced by the industry. I see this internship giving me an opportunity to develop a product that will in the short-term be rolled out to the public and have a positive impact on the environment.

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