First week at Sandow | #1

I started my internship with Sandow, a media company that owns many luxury magazines, just one week ago. As I was hired as a digital intern, I was unsure what to expect on my first day. Lacking any knowledge of computer science or coding, I expected the first week to be a little bit tougher than perhaps another internship would have been for me. Learning how to code this summer was one of my goals for the internship. During the first few hours of my internship I had already learned (and I continue to teach myself) coding in Dreamweaver and Exacttarget with HTML formatting.

Since the University of Michigan is one of the first schools to go home for summer, I am the only intern at Sandow so far. This has been interesting as I am given a lot of work which keeps me very busy throughout the day. Without other interns to assist, my mentor has all of her attention on me. This not only allows me to learn quickly in a one on one setting, but pushes me to complete my tasks with accuracy and efficiency. Throughout the entirety of my internship I would like to determine if working in the digital sector of a business is what I would like to pursue after graduation.

My first week of my internship has been exciting and extremely fast pace! Working and commuting in New York City has been quite an experience as I not only learn skills at my desk but also how to navigate the crowded streets of people. As soon as I walked through the front doors of Sandow I knew that a lot of my experience would be learning from my mistakes and asking questions to ensure that I am doing the best job possible each day.


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