Physical Work Environment:

Interning at a small or private firm has its perks compared to interning at some of the bigger firms which often deal with corporate business. The workspace at the firm is not too chaotic or busy, it is quiet and intimate allowing for work to get done in a peaceful scenery. Contrary to the constant movement that often occurs at larger firms. Immigration (Employer’s Field) is an area that isn’t often pursued by many attorneys after graduation, hence lowering the competition for business somewhat. However, I am used to being on the go a lot and having a large work-load, so the change of pace needed some adjusting to initially. Most of my work though, occurs outside the office. Attending client and conference meetings, as well as attending hearings, and expanding my relationships with people in corporate has satiated my need of being busy. The transit between each event is a hustle but that’s New York City for you. So far, I love the constant movement from one event to another and I am learning a ton from the assignments given to me. Meeting people and learning their career paths has been insightful and has already aided me in what I wish to do with my career. I hope I am able to start my career in a small firm because of the interactions with people are much more intimate than working in a larger firm where paper work is pretty much most of the interaction you get.

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