Week 1: arriving and starting project in Morocco

I’m teaching English in Rabat, Morocco through an organization called UBELONG. I’ve been asked multiple times, by both Americans and Moroccans, why I chose Morocco and to be perfectly honest, I’m not really sure. I feel as though it kind of fell into my lap (even though a lot of research went into it) and from my short time here, I can already appreciate the amazing mix of cultures, traditions, and history of this beautiful city and country.

I started my project today and there is a wide variety of English abilities, so I will be teaching beginner vocabulary and grammar in the morning lesson and then having more of an open discussion in the afternoon. I attempted to lesson plan this evening for tomorrow’s morning lesson and it proved to be quite difficult, so I’m definitely making it a goal to dedicate time to improving my lesson planning skills and to using the tools I have at my disposal through online and workshops I attended before leaving.

I attempted to come into this experience with no expectations, which is serving me well so far and as one of my students said today, “that’s a good thing to do in life.” I’m picking up bits and pieces of Darija, or the local dialect of Arabic, as I go, but I definitely hope to become less panicked when I try to order lunch as time goes on. I’m looking forward to being able to explore Rabat and Morocco as a whole more, as well as teaching as much to my students as I am able to in my relatively short time here, since they have taught me so much already (or more like attempted to teach me Darija while laughing at me).

Notes from my brief Darija lesson at orientation
My classroom


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  • May 18, 2017 at 4:25 pm

    It sounds like you’re adjusting pretty well and I’m sure you’ll pick up the language in no time! Although lesson planning can be difficult, you definitely gain a lot of flexibility skills through it. Good luck for the upcoming weeks!


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