A Promising Start | Blog #1

This summer, I started my second internship in fashion PR in New York City at Wetherly Group in SoHo. Last summer, I moved to the city for two months after my freshman year for my first stint in fashion PR, specifically in the beauty and lifestyle industry. Being far away from home for the summer was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, but at the end of my internship last summer I knew Fashion PR was what I wanted to pursue as a career- and NYC would have to be the place to do it. My first internship had proved invaluable on my resume and I was so excited to start another.

I took my first weekend to adjust to the silence in the middle of all the noise that is NYC. Finding a routine was so important. I had expected to be used to the city my second time around, but my first few days here I felt very lonely. I am living in a single room, and the other girls in my apartment building all bond via their respective countries (most are from Europe) and have already been living here for months. However, my being lonely thankfully changed during my first week at Wetherly, where I swiftly became friends with the other four interns.

During the next 11 weeks, I will be working in fashion PR on the digital team specifically. Digital PR means that I will be dealing with Instagram influencers and fashion bloggers. This is very relevant today as we live in a media-driven world, and this is the direction that PR is swiftly heading towards.

One of my goals initally was to learn the Fashion GPS system, which is used in fashion PR to track samples that we send to editors. Almost every fashion internship prefers basic knowledge of GPS for all candidates. However, I was disappointed to hear that the digital team does not utilize GPS. Nevertheless, I plan to still try to learn more about it from watching the interns who do use it, so I can be prepared to use it in the future. My new goal for the summer is to help create a gifting from start to finish. This means planning which bloggers will get the gifting, creating a social media contract for them, mailing the gifting, and tracking the clients promotion.

My other goal is to become very close with my boss. I am the only digital intern, so my boss and I will be working very closely together. I hope to form a meaningful relationship with her that will last past the summer and into my future career. While we have already had a great first week together, I am looking forward to developing the relationship more and hopefully being able to have her as a career connection in the future. Additionally, I hope to get to know other Wetherly publicists as well, as there is one who went to Michigan that I hope to talk to further!

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