Blog #2

Work culture is a very important aspect of any job. Work culture can easily make or break a job, and many aspects go into this culture. My internship is at a boutique PR/marketing agency so there are only 4 permanent employees and the rest of the help comes from rotations of interns. This agency is small yet very successful, and its employees remain soft-spoken and humble about their successes. Everyone above me seems understanding and eager to help out the interns, and they encourage us to ask questions and offer new ideas. I really enjoy the work culture here and how exceptionally kind and understanding everyone is.

I also appreciate our office’s dress code. The dress code is business casual, so I’ve been wearing casual dresses everyday to work. It’s very easy to find inexpensive yet cute dresses, so I’m not breaking the bank with my work wardrobe. I’m also very comfortable in my dresses, especially in the summer heat. Today it was 92 degrees and I would not want to be wearing a suit in this weather even though our office is air conditioned.

Since the company is so small and there are only a handful of paid employees, interns actually perform major, hands-on roles. I always have tasks to complete and new ones waiting for me when I finish, and this isn’t the type of internship where we just sit back and bring our bosses coffees. We do most of the busywork, and tedious work, but it’s really giving me a perspective on public relations and marketing and what field I’m most interested in. This internship is mainly for my own experience and resume, and I love that I’m already learning so much.

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