First Two Weeks on the Job #1

There are many different Michigan Department of Transportation offices but I work in the University Region office in Jackson, MI.  I am an intern for the design team which designs the plans for the roadways we work on.

The first two weeks on the job have been full of information.  From meeting everyone who works in the office (even those from other teams which are not working on what the design team is working on) to training on a AutoCAD software known as Microstation, these past two weeks have been tough to say the least.  Spending hours in front of a computer playing video games or watching youtube videos has never given me much trouble, but doing work on the computer that requires a lot of thinking is much harder.

They have some pretty strict policies in the work place such as having no personal cell phone usage during the work day.  So if I don’t post many images during my blog posts, that’s why.  Even though there are those strict policies, I have found the people who work there to be quite inviting.  A few of the workers play a card game every day at lunch that has been a good way for me to meet the employees and to feel more welcome there.  The game didn’t take long to get used to, but they play it so that at least one person loses every hand so it’s tough not to be the loser since they’re all very experienced with it.  I’m sure i’ll get better though!

The design team is currently working on an I-94 project and after just three days of working there, the other intern and myself have been given the assignment of doing the pavement markings.  This is really intimidating because our drawings will be implemented onto the interstate once the project finishes but it is also such a meaningful work to be a part of so early on in my time here.  I am quite excited for how these markings turn out and how the rest of the summer will go.


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  • May 22, 2017 at 5:00 pm

    Thank you for your honesty about some of the challenges you have experienced so far in your internship. This will really help other interns as they begin their positions!


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