Physical Work Environment at Sandow | Blog #2

The physical workplace of Sandow is a very inviting one. When you walk through the clear glass doors on the 17th floor you are immediately greeted by a receptionist and on your left you are welcome to a Starbucks bar stocked with all of your favorite drinks and plenty of snacks for free. This adds to an inviting environment where employees are encouraged to fuel themselves throughout the day in order to complete their work.

Beyond the initial work environment that has been set by the company, the environment of the digital team is very different. There is a room with a long table that is equipped with Mac desktops for each member of the team. This is where I spend my days completing my work. None of the team members really speak to one another as the work we do is very individual. This is a part of the internship that has allowed me to realize that I do not particularly like. In the future, I would like to be in a work environment that allows for more speaking with co workers and others outside of my team. I also would like to have my own office or cubicle instead of being attached to everyone else along one table.


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