The Chamber of Goals Blog #1

As I begin this internship with the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, there are a variety of things that I want to accomplish. Interning for the Chamber provides me with a plethora of opportunities due to the Chamber’s position as a major player in business, public policy, and government. Therefore, one of my primary tangible goals is to build up a network of connections in the business and policy communities of San Diego. Moreover, the Chamber itself is a wide network composed of thousands of member organizations, and works closely with many figures in San Diego’s local government. Therefore, interning with the Chamber provides me with a unique opportunity to build up a network of professional connections due to the very nature of the Chamber of Commerce’s primary function — to serve as an umbrella organization representing the business community as a whole.

In terms of what I want to gain from my time interning with the Chamber, I hope to attain an in-depth knowledge of public policy formulation, especially in the areas of commerce, trade, and business. For example, what are the best tax policies that will best improve trade in the San Diego and Tijuana area? I strongly believe that this internship will be invaluable to my personal education and teach me about the policy-making process, and the functions of the business community not only in San Diego, but the nation and the world. Finally, I hope that the internship will give me a better insight into how my favorite city, and America’s Finest City, is able to live up to its name through certain policies!

One thought on “The Chamber of Goals Blog #1

  • May 25, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    Glad to hear that your knowledge development goals will draw from multiple areas affected by public policy. I look forward to hearing more about your internship experience in the weeks ahead!


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