The Initial Goals of a Digital Media Intern | #1


On Tuesday, May 16th, I will start as a Digital Media Intern at Live Nation Entertainment, located in Los Angeles, California. Live Nation has long fascinated me as a company due to its unique approach to branded entertainment and live events. The company has undergone dramatic change in the past ten years as a result of its merger with Ticketmaster, addition of a 360-degree artist management division and licensed product groups. While known as the leader in global live events, Live Nation is now investing resources and teams to expand their brand domination to digital and mobile live entertainment.

Before applying for the internship, I did a great deal of research into the company’s goals and ambitions over the next five years. When I was fortunate to land a spot on their intern team, I accepted in part with a dedicated goal of gaining a nuanced and deep understanding of the role that brand and communications will play in Live Nation’s future business success. While its traditional business has been entertainer and operationally focused, Live Nation leadership has identified brand and digital communications as critical strategies on the go forward.

On the skill acquisition front, I have set a goal to learn and execute autonomous digital media campaigns both across social media and on performance marketing platforms. While I’ve had significant exposure and experience creating creative content for digital efforts, I have not yet learned how to manage and drive an end-to-end program inclusive of metrics and analytics.

Finally, I have set a personal goal to achieve and sustain, an optimal balance between professional work time and personal wellness – including sleep, exercise, and nutrition. By taking a holistic approach to my health and wellbeing, I believe I can maximize my personal productivity, creativity, and team spirit. My hope is to leverage these new organizational skills to help me once school resumes this Fall, for any future internships, in addition to my future team roles in the business/media world.

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