Blog #2- A Day in the Life of a Research Intern

On Thursdays, I have the opportunity to assist with data collection in four elementary schools located in the metro-Detroit area. Specifically, we collect EEG (electroencephalogram) Data from children in K-2. The steps are as follows:

  1. Set up the EEG equipment and computers
  2. Grab the child from their classroom and explain that we are going to play some fun games
  3. Place the cap on the child’s head, fill the holes with gel, and place the electrodes into the cap
  4. Administer three tasks tapping into self-regulation
  5. Take off the cap and clean the gel out of the child’s hair
This image shows the electrodes that are placed into the cap, stickers that attach to the facial electrodes, and a dropper filled with gel
Electrodes (facial and cap)
EEG Equipment (Biosemi) and Data Collecting Computer
Task Computer and TV Screen That Shows the Task to the Child
Brain Waves Collected from Electrodes

Morgan J

I am a fourth year Honors Psychology student studying at the University of Michigan. I will be graduating this December and am will be applying to Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs for the fall of 2018. My ultimate goal is to work in a private practice where I evaluate and treat children with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

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