Blog 2: The Team Behind the Team

Before the team takes the field there is a lot of work in the home office. A work culture can be very silent and serious, or it can be a collaborative playful environment. The Rockland Boulders are defiantly more like the later. Its a light-hearted environment where everyone is there to help each other out. You never have to be afraid to ask questions. Its also very much a learning environment, though I am in the sales department I am given the opportunity to learn and work with the promotion, operations and PR departments. I am one of 30 interns and our supervisors just want us to be conformable and learn. Looking at this real team environment the work culture is, through my internship I hope to get a well-rounded experience. I hope to learn from people in all departments.

While the work environment is very friendly and light, it is also serious. The image to the left is what the supervisors call “intern island”, which is where most of the interns do their work. To the left is an image of the cubicle I work in to make calls and talk to clients.



This past week was opening week, with games on Monday the 15th, Thursday the 18th, and ones on Saturday and Sunday as well. I worked the Monday and Thursday game to far. On Monday I was very nervous as it was my first game but my supervisors and fellow interns were with me along the way. If ever a fan came up to me with a question I didnt know the answer to I knew not to worry. I had interns and employees around me to support me if needed.

Below is an image of the stand I was running during the game with some of my fellow interns. This stand was the first thing you saw once you got into the gates of the stadium so we helped lots of attendees with questions and ran a 50/50 raffle.

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  • May 20, 2017 at 3:02 am

    I agree teamwork is an integral part of any mission. That’s great that you are making an impact.


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