Ready to Start | # 1

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As I look forward to the first day of my internship in at Fox 2 Detroit’s Sports Department, I am making an effort to establish goals to try to reach during my internship. The foremost goal I have as I enter this internship is my desire to determine where in the sports media industry I would like to work, and to establish connections in that area of the industry. While I have an idea that I want to work in sports media, it is a huge field that ranges from the production of sporting events (what you see on TV) to the programming of these events (what events are chosen for TV).

Prior to even last week, I was very much on the production track, as I work with cameras for Michigan Football and I have long had opinions on sports productions, particularly the failures of major networks to properly engage viewers in the sports themselves. However, last week I had the privilege of meeting the VP of Programming for the CBS Sports Network in New York City, who provided me with a different angle of the sports media industry that I found extremely interesting. He explained that programming is much more business and revenue oriented than production, and that aspect of his job really appealed to me.

Given the vast range of jobs in the sports industry, I hope my goal of establishing a desired role in the sports media industry is something I can achieve. Beyond that, however, I hope I can establish connections in that field that can help me excel in the industry beyond the internship. I cannot wait to get started tomorrow, and hopefully I can achieve these goals!

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  • May 25, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Great to hear that you’ve already taken the initiative to meet with a leadership executive! I look forward to reading more about your internship experience!


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