Workplace Environment | # 2

After a week as an intern at Fox 2 Detroit in the Sports department, one thing that has been so striking to me is the excellent workplace culture that exists in Southfield.  Everyone is extremely friendly and go out of their way to meet and talk to interns, which is really great because it makes it easier to engage with people as an intern. The entire staff has a good cohesion between departments, and they foster a team-like environment as it takes many different elements that need to work together in order to produce a newscast.

I think that culture is extremely important to Fox 2 because of the fact that television has so many aspects to it.   Of course, there are the people you see on air who need to understand their lines and the in and out cues heading into the broadcast. However, behind the scenes there is much the average person does not realize goes on. There are people who run the cameras and set the angles and direct from the studio itself. Then, there are producers, directors, editors, switchboard operators, and a plethora of other roles that all need to communicate with each other in order to produce a smooth broadcast. I think if there was a poor workplace culture that would show in the product on TV. This culture of teamwork coupled with the sense of pride that everyone has in their work to help make Fox 2 one of the best-rated channels in the market, and I think it is these aspects of culture that have allowed them to corner such a large market share.

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  • May 30, 2017 at 7:53 pm

    I agree that a workplace culture can certainly affect the end product! It’s encouraging to hear that you’ve been able to see firsthand how several stakeholder teams can work together behind the scenes and produce a smooth broadcast.


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