This being my 3rd internship, I’ve known for a while that workplace culture would be an integral part of my experience. In the past, I’ve been generally disappointed with workplace culture, seeing it as an environment in which I would never be able to find a career. However, at Southeast Asia Globe I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Most of my coworkers are almost my age, in their mid-twenties I’d guess, and we get along quite well. The culture is fairly relaxed with a decent amount of cursing and friendly back-and-forth always present. My initial impression was only further reinforced when I found out that the ever present bottle of Havana rum that sits in the corner of the office is prestigiously destined for our monthly publication day. Beyond simply bonding with coworkers, though, it’s been a very supportive environment. I quickly learned that my internship, like most others I imagine, would be what I make it and that it would take full-fledged effort to think up worthwhile stories that I could actually execute well. Other writers offered to sit down with me and discuss my ideas as our meeting to plan out the next edition of the magazine is quickly approaching. Having discussed with others, I feel fully prepared for this meeting and am actually excited to discuss with the editors and publisher my proposals.

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