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I have been living in Berlin for a week now, and it has lived up to and exceeded all of my expectations. The city is massive and full of interesting people and things to do. There is a large international population within the city, which allows for a diverse group of different cultures to exist here. I am extremely excited to be here, and I cannot wait to keep exploring different districts of the city throughout the summer.

As for why I am here, I am working as a research assistant intern for Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, under the guidance of Michigan alum Nanna Notthoff. I have enjoyed learning about Nanna’a previous work and the work that we will be doing this summer, and after a week on the job, I have already learned so much. Also, since I have previously only had one psychology course, Nanna picked me up a nice book: Psychology for Dummies. We are working in their psychology institute that lies outside of their central campus, and it is surrounded by a lot of their other natural science programs; it is nice to see students walking around, except when they’re all playing basketball or volleyball outside of the institute. Our office sits on the highest floor of the building and overlooks the park; I call it “The Penthouse.” Attached you can see me eating a dank pretzel, the view from our office, and the Evangelisches Krankenhaus Königin Elisabeth.

Tips for others coming to Berlin:

  • A lot of restaurants and places where you can grab a quick bite are self-service, and a lot of the places also appreciate it if you bring your dishes up to the counter.
  • When they tell you to get off of the train because it is at the end of the route, you should get off, and don’t think that getting back on will take you back to the place from which you came. You will end up riding a bus with flickering lights to a dark and dusty train station; it can be frightening. 

2 thoughts on “First Week In Berlin | Nummer Eins

  • May 24, 2017 at 1:43 pm

    Wow, I would never have expected Berlin to have a large international population, that’s so interesting! It’s so cool that you’re working under a Michigan alum — I’m sure you’ll be learning a lot! Excited to read more about your adventures!

  • June 5, 2017 at 11:40 pm

    Totally feel you on getting off of trains and it being shady, as someone who’s grown up in Germany it still happens where I’ve failed to get off the train, ended up somewhere dark and shady and had a hard time returning home. I love reading about your experience in Berlin, it’s an amazing city. Be sure to get out of Berlin while you’re there too!


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