#2- Work Culture

Work culture can make or break an experience at any company. As I begin my second week here at Cornerstone, I’ve begun to love the culture here. Besides for everyone being super friendly and cool, the workplace is very casual. People come to do their work and collaborate together while still having fun. The attire goes along with the work; artsy, creative, and current. The office space is very open while the desks are near one another in the middle with enough space for each person though. Even for my internship,all the interns sit at this one large table across from some worker’s desk where we’re able to talk about what each of us are working on.  My advisor is constantly checking in on me to make sure I’m busy with fun projects but also learning and meeting everyone. Everyone has been welcoming since day 1 along with the other interns and that is something I find to be a key factor in work culture. Work culture in my eyes is the way the employees work together, the atmosphere and mood around the office, the type of work, the type of attire, and the policies. In a perfect work culture in my opinion, the employees are all respectful of one another but also friendly and have fun together. The bosses aren’t strict or unfriendly, they believe in what their employers do and make sure to encourage them and be involved in projects. As for my employer I believe their work culture to be laid back but productive, unique and bold. It’s a very hands on company that requires different departments to work together on each project in order to produce the best services and products. After experiencing this kind of culture, it gives me a taste of what I will be looking for in the future when I begin my job search.

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