Office-less and Open to All | #2

The business I am working for this summer does not have a central location–and this is honestly one of the aspects I love most about this internship. Everyday is truly an adventure; we traverse from coffeeshop to coffeeshop, business to business, park to park, gym to gym, and really anywhere we can find wifi (if we need it that day).

My second week we spent one day at Lifetime Fitness, playing on the cushy floor provided under the rock wall and working out in the gym. Then, the next day we were at the Ann Arbor Google campus. (This mini clip I captured at Google for our Instagram story pretty perfectly describes the random nature of the work we do.)

Oddly enough I found a mentor at the Google office. On our visit, our mission was to teach people some office yoga to get them up and stretching during their long days of work. After a little while of teaching some desk stretches, we began playing with some AcroYoga, or partner yoga. I was lifting up strangers on my feet and spotting them in crazy postures they did with their peers. It was beautiful and fun and a complete bonding experience.

After Acro, we went downstairs with some Googlers for a lunch. There I spoke more with Marlee and Stephanie, two of the girls I helped teach Acro to by lifting them in the air… after just having met them. Curious about who they are and what they do at Google, I just started an impromptu informational interview of sorts. It just so happens that Stephanie was also a philosophy major, and we geeked out over symbolic logic and the different takes on philosophy various institutions have and how this shapes students thinking.

Unfortunately we had to leave Google shortly after this talk, so I exchanged information with Stephanie and scheduled a time to talk more over coffee. That Saturday we talked for 3 hours. She gave me advice for the career search and told me about her recent plans to go to Penn to get a PhD in Philosophy. This friendship has been so valuable and it has only been a week. Not only does she have great advice but she has given me greater hope and confidence in myself and my professional pursuits. It doesn’t hurt that she also loves acro! Her, Marlee (the other Googler) and I have plans to do more acro this week. This week taught me that mentorships are often unplanned; life takes you exactly where you need to be.

Thankfully for me, this internship has provided me an opportunity to be in such a vast variety of locations that I have had the privilege to meet incredible, inspiring individuals.

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